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Fiery Dashboard

Fiery® Dashboard is a cloud-based service that monitors and tracks print production statistics from one or more Fiery Driven™ devices and visually represents the data through multiple widgets. Users get instant snapshot of operational efficiency and engine utilization.

Fiery Dashboard Widgets


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NEW! Device Info, Toner Status and Last Calibrated


- Get detailed device information at a glance – printer model, software version, Fiery system, IP address, etc.
- Track toner levels for CMYK plus any special color e.g. clear, and get warning icons when a toner is low or needs to be replaced.
- Track calibration with information on last calibrated time, calibration expiration dates, assigned output profiles and media types.

Jobs by interpreter


View job classification by interpreter type to identify most commonly used interpreters.

Jobs by mixed media


View job classification by mixed media to identify how often your customers submit jobs that require mixed media.

Jobs by users

Fiery Dashboard_Users

View job classification by users to track your staff’s usage and identify top users.

Jobs by workflow


View job classification by workflow to identify the most commonly used workflows.

Jobs submitted by


View job classification by input sources to identify the most commonly used submission methods.

NEW! Paper jams by media


Monitor paper jams by media as classified by Paper Catalog entries to identify which media types cause paper jams and on which print engines.



Track activities on a single engine within the last 24-hour window to:

- Determine usage trends by identifying production peaks and idle times
- View a breakdown of jobs printed, cancelled, errored per given time period
- Quickly spot events that occurred such as paper jams, low-toner warnings, etc.

Total impressions


View total impressions to see a breakdown of the types of impressions printed per given time period.

Total sheets


View total sheets to see the total number of printed sheets per given time period.



Use the Trends widget on a single or multiple engines to:

- See the total number of jobs and their breakdown classified by job status
- View a breakdown of impressions by color, black and white, and black and white on color
- View media usage breakdown by media as classified by Paper Catalog entries

Take Greater Control of Your Print Production

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24/7 Remote Control 
  • Get all the information you need about all your Fiery Driven™ printers from a standard Internet browser, so you don’t need to be at the shop to be on top of your operation.
Production Analytics
  • See everything you need to know at every level of detail from high-level metrics to underlying data. Check as often as you want and view information by the day, week, month, year — or anything in between.
Decisions that Make a Difference
  • Fiery Dashboard gives you the data you need to guarantee the best utilization of your existing print engines, or to make decisions about new purchases. It reduces your management costs and gives you the information you need to understand your workload and plan staffing.
  • SSL encryption ensures your business information will not be intercepted, and that all sensitive data is safe. Protected account credentials guarantee a private communication channel between your account and the Fiery Dashboard website.