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Fiery® Dashboard is a cloud-based service that captures and aggregates a wide array of performance data from one or multiple Fiery Driven™ devices, giving users a single view into digital print productivity, including usage rates, uptime, color metrics, error rates and more.

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24/7 Remote Control 
  • Get all the information you need about all your Fiery Driven™ printers in real time from a standard Internet browser, so you don’t need to be at the shop to be on top of your operation.
Real-Time Analytics
  • See everything you need to know at every level of detail from high-level metrics to underlying data. Check as often as you want and view information by the day, week, month, year — or anything in between.
Monitor your Uptime
  • Now, you can track everything from engine uptime and productivity to the use of assets and consumables, and even look into cancelled jobs or paper jam rates. Look at one or all of your engines to see trends and compare statistics.
Focus on the Bottom Line
  • Measure production against targets you set, to monitor performance against your business goals. Customize your view to focus on specific printers, define targets for engine utilization or choose different date ranges to measure whatever matters to your bottom line.
Decisions that Make a Difference
  • Fiery Dashboard gives you the data you need to guarantee the best utilization of your existing print engines, or to make decisions about new purchases. It reduces your management costs and gives you the information you need to understand your workload and plan staffing.
Guarantee Color Consistency and Precision at All Times
  • Fiery Dashboard tells you when engines need to be calibrated, based on standards you set.
  • Monitor and compare your key color metrics to keep track of engine color accuracy over time. 
  • SSL encryption ensures your business information will not be intercepted, and that all sensitive data is safe. Protected account credentials guarantee a private communication channel between your account and the Fiery Dashboard website.