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Sign up for free to Fiery® Dashboard cloud-based service and see how you can get greater control of your production environment.

Your free subscription includes:
  • Limited reporting functionality.
  • Connection to up to 3 Fiery Driven™ printers at your site.
  • Support through Fiery Forums only.
When does my free subscription end?
  • You can use the free subscription of Fiery Dashboard indefinitely.
  • To take advantage of the full functionality of Fiery Dashboard, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription.
What additional features are in the premium version of Fiery Dashboard?
  • Full reporting functionality.
  • Connection to unlimited number of Fiery Driven™ printers at your site.
  • Support through phone, email and Fiery Forums.
How do I upgrade to the premium version?
  • Sign up for the free subscription of Fiery Dashboard or log in to your existing account. Once signed in, click on the Upgrade button in the upper right corner. Your request will be sent to Fiery Dashboard Sales.
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