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Fiery JobFlow

Fiery® JobFlow delivers advanced prepress capabilities in a browser-based, cost-effective solution.

You can easily configure automated job workflows including PDF conversion, preflight, correct and edit PDF files, image enhancement, document imposition, approval and job ticketing — saving time, reducing rework and waste, and increasing customer communication.

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Accelerate Print Production with Prepress
Workflow Automation

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Decrease errors and rework
  • Be confident of accurate print output by printing only the jobs that pass the preflight check configured for each workflow.
  • Automatically correct for wrong media size or page orientation and adjust bleed and crop-box properties.
  • Cut down on human errors by submitting jobs to workflows you optimize for specific job types.
Save time
  • Make critical last-minute changes and corrections without returning files to customers or going back to native applications.
  • Set up jobs faster with preset workflows optimized for the job type.
  • Proactively identify file issues and apply corrections.
Improve client communications
  • Interact with customers more efficiently by giving them the option to submit jobs through SMB shared folder, FTP, sFTP and the cloud-based sync-and-storage service Dropbox.
  • Increase customer confidence in accurate, on-time output by proactively correcting file problems.
  • Keep your customers informed by sending email notifications about their jobs.