Fiery Production Solutions

Fiery JobMaster

Fiery® JobMaster provides advanced PDF-based job-preparation functions. Intuitive document assembly includes fully visual tab insertion and design; media assignment, page numbering, finishing and scanning; plus powerful late-stage editing features.

Fiery JobMaster launches from the Fiery Command WorkStation® user interface. This provides:

  • Flexibility. JobMaster can run either on a PC or Mac client, or locally at the Fiery server. Add Fiery Impose to integrate all make-ready tasks in a single application.
  • Ease of Use. Built with the familiar Fiery user interface, operators can be up and running quickly, producing high-value jobs.
  • Easy Deployment. JobMaster is easy to maintain and access since you don't need to install it on a separate server – it runs anywhere Fiery Command WorkStation does.

Advanced, Visual, Flexible Make-Ready

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Displays visual previews of all job settings 
  • JobMaster previews jobs in page and sheet views, displaying media attributes at a glance for quick job navigation. It shows exactly how the output will look like before going to print.
Provides tab creation with a WYSIWYG preview
  • The preview changes dynamically as users specify tab ear settings and content that can include images, color background, logos and formatted text.
  • Auto Tabs feature takes advantage of bookmark links in PDF files to automate the tab creation process.
  • Users can apply up to two different tab media styles for better chapter and subchapter identification.
  • Produce attractive tab separated documents without using tab media with the bleed-edge tab feature.
Integrates and cleans up hard-copy pages
  • Users can de-skew and de-speckle scanned documents; edit images for brightness, contrast and sharpness; make pages fit to the desired media size for a uniform appearance on every page; mask out staples, hole-punch marks or page content.
Allows editing of selected pages
  • Operators can redefine crop and trim box sizes and mask unwanted content such as preexisting page numbers. Edits are non-destructive and can be removed or modified at any time before production.
Converts to grayscale
  • Easily specify any page or sheet surface to print in black and white and save on click charges.
Applies page numbering and stamping
  • JobMaster adds page numbers anywhere on the page, can skip page numbers for inserts and tabs, and includes page-number templates for predefined numbering styles
  • Apply unique numbering sequences for one or multiple pages sections using custom text, formats, and macros anywhere on the page.
  • Store new page-number templates to speed up future jobs.
Provides drag-and-drop merging of PDF pages
  • Create a new job by merging digital and scanned documents. Delete, move, add blank pages and even duplicate pages.
Includes Adobe Acrobat Pro and Enfocus PitStop Edit
  • Make last-minute changes to document content without returning the file to customers. Use it for last-minute text, spot-color or image changes in PDF documents.