EFI Inkjet Solutions

If you are looking for business growth through greater productivity, lower operating costs, increased business intelligence and a lower total cost of ownership, register now for an EFI™ Inkjet Solutions track at Connect 2014.

Join us for an in-depth look at the latest EFI Wide Format, VUTEk® superwide format and Jetrion® digital inkjet technologies, EFI’s intelligent workflow integration options, and much more.

  • Discover how the world of large format graphics and digital label production can extend your market reach and lower costs—all while helping you work faster and smarter for increased customer satisfaction.

  • Innovate a new way of doing business. Industry experts will show you how the latest inkjet technology can expand your service offerings and improve profit potential with value-added services.

  • Learn how to integrate your business and production systems with the industry’s only end-to-end portfolio designed to maximize productivity, process efficiency, product offerings and business opportunities.

Connect attendees are welcome to attend any or all of the Inkjet Solutions sessions as well as other EFI Connect sessions, seminars, keynotes and networking events. See Connect 2014 At-a-Glance.

For information about the LED User Group meeting, please contact Thomas Krumm at (603) 677-3008.

For information about the Jetrion Advisory Board and Laser User Rountable, please contact Kelly DiMarco at (734) 736-4523 

Session Information 

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InfoTrends Business Development Sessions

INKP2001 TUE 10:00-11:50 a.m.
INK03001 WED 11:15-12:30 p.m.
InfoTrends: Building a Marketing Plan for Graphic Services   ROOM Lafite 1

Marketing is a critical business function for attracting customers and positioning the company. Unfortunately, many print service providers struggle with marketing—from getting existing customers to consider them for new services, to identifying and capturing the new clients to differentiating and competing with more aggressive companies that are invading their space.

This session will show you how to put together a great marketing plan based on InfoTrends’ extensive experience and research with hundreds of print service providers. After participating in this session, you will have a playbook for figuring out:

  • Who you should target for wide format, web-to-print and other graphic services
  • What your customers’ real needs are
  • What services they value
  • How you can differentiate from the competition
  • How to best reach and interact with your prospects

INK01001 TUE 3:15-4:45 p.m.
INK04001 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
InfoTrends: Selling Value-added Services   ROOM Lafite 1
As print service providers look to incorporate technology solutions into their service portfolios (examples include web-to-print, fulfillment, variable data, multi-channel communications, etc.), sales managers and reps are striving to create a value-based approach to selling and pricing. Some of the challenges with solution selling are:

  • Getting customers to think beyond price per unit and to focus on the business impact of your services
  • Identifying people with the right skills and personality to sell value-added services, and understanding effective methods for coaching and compensating
  • Uncovering the critical business drivers, identifying internal stakeholders, and winning over critical decision influencers who will benefit from your services

In this session, you will learn how companies have successfully:

  • Repositioned their businesses as a value-added partner
  • Developed a process to educate sales people to sell value-added solutions
  • Increased profits by selling more value-added services

INK05001 WED 3:00-4:45 p.m.
InfoTrends: Targeting Vertical Markets and Applications – Opportunities for Wide Format   ROOM Lafite 1
Successfully growing a wide format or commercial printing business means understanding your customers’ business. Breaking a market into segments and, then, concentrating marketing and sales efforts on a few key segments is often the key to profitability and growth. The beauty of target marketing is that it makes promoting, pricing and selling of a firm’s services easier and more cost-effective.

This session will describe how to effectively target specific vertical markets (e.g., retail, manufacturing, professional services) and applications based on InfoTrends’ in-depth research study Who Buy’s Wide Format that included interviews with over 500 wide-format print buyers and 300 print service providers.

After participating in this session you will know:

  • Which industries buy the most wide format print services
  • What are the top applications
  • Which services customers demand
  • How to identify companies in your area
  • How best to reach specific buyers and influencers in key vertical markets
  • How to design products and services to meet the needs of a vertical
Inkjet Learning Paths

To help you get more out of your time at Connect 2014, we’ve organized sessions into Inkjet Learning Paths, focusing on hot topics in the digital print industry and new trends to help expand your business. Put together your own schedule at Connect from any of the EFI sessions, or take advantage of our guided Inkjet Learning Paths.

Executive Fast Track (1 or 2 days)
Get the latest state-of-the-industry forecast and projected demand for wide format graphics and signs. Discover new growth areas, trends and much more. Then, join the InfoTrends Business Development sessions to learn how to grow your business with a great marketing plan and expansion into vertical markets with value-added services.

  • INKP2001OR INK03001 - InfoTrends: Building a Marketing Plan for Graphic Services -ROOM Lafite 1
  • INK01001 OR INK04001 - InfoTrends: Selling Value-added Services -ROOM Lafite 1
  • INK05001 InfoTrends: Targeting Vertical Markets and Applications – Opportunities for Wide Format -ROOM Lafite 1

Grow Your Business with Large Format Graphics and Digital Label Production (2 days)
Large format graphics and digital label production can extend your market reach with new, lucrative applications while lowering production costs. And going digital means you'll be working faster and smarter so you can capture more of your customers' business and increase your overall customer satisfaction.

  • INK02001 - The Pulse: Wide Format Graphics Outlook -ROOM Lafite 1
  • INK04002 - The Leanest Way to Produce Labels -ROOM Margaux 1
  • INK06001 WED - How to "Wow" Your CMO and Brand Manager Customers -ROOM Lafite 1
  • INK07001 - Panel Discussion: Digital Label Printing, Today & Tomorrow -ROOM Lafite 1

EFI Wide Format and VUTEk User Track (2 days)Learn more about the available options for your EFI inkjet printer and Fiery XF RIP, the latest substrates, and how to accurately and consistently match color quality to meet the output requirements of your most demanding jobs.

  • INK02003 - Inkjet Application Update -ROOM Lafite 2
  • FRY09002 - Maximize Your Cutter/Router Investment with the Layout Option Powered by Esko -ROOM Petrus 2
  • FRY04002 - Light the 5th Color: How to Handle Lighting Conditions and Backlit Applications -ROOM Petrus 2
  • FRY05002 - Putting it All Together: Special Inks, Cut Paths and Requirements  -ROOM Lafite 2
  • INK06002 - Inkjet Doing More with Options -ROOM Lafite 2
  • FRY08002 - Experts Talk About Color Standards -ROOM Petrus 2

Jetrion User Track (2 days)
From pre-press updates and advanced profiling to optimizing your workflow and the latest on color standards, this engaging user learning path is ideal for your Jetrion press operators.

  • INK03002 - EFI Jetrion Pre-press: What's New -ROOM Lafite 2
  • INK04003 - Press Maintenance: Daily Routine and Printhead Dos and Don'ts -ROOM Lafite 2
  • INK05002 - Pre-Press Hot Topis and Q&A ROOM Lafite 2
  • INK07002 - Best Practices for Optimizing Your Digital Workflow -ROOM Lafite 2
  • FRY08002 - Experts Talk About Color Standards -ROOM Petrus 2
Executive, Sales & Marketing Sessions

INK02001 WED 9:30-11:00 a.m.
The Pulse: Wide Format Graphics Outlook   ROOM Lafite 1
Keep your fingers on the pulse of the state of the industry and join us for a presentation on the forecast and latent demand for wide format graphics and signs. Discover new growth areas, trends and much more.

INK02002 WED 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Ink and Substrates Update Options   ROOM Margaux 1
In this session, we will review the latest in substrate development, including new materials recommended for the Jetrion printers, material considerations if using with the Jetrion 4900 series, and new and growing application areas.

INK04002 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
The Leanest Way to Produce Labels   ROOM Margaux 1
What are the core principles of lean manufacturing? How can you apply these to your label production? Join us for an interactive session that reviews the core principles of lean manufacturing, and the advantages and savings gained by adopting these principles.

INK06001 WED 9:30-11:00 p.m.
How to "Wow" Your CMO and Brand Manager Customers   ROOM Lafite 1
"Wow" even the most demanding CMOs and brand managers while maximizing margins with special effect and dazzling applications, unique substrates and printing techniques, and the latest digital inkjet ink technology.

INK08001 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Inkjet Panel Discussion   ROOM Lafite 1

Join us as a panel of industry experts and large format graphic print providers engage in a discussion about the latest inkjet innovation, how the technology is being used to improved business performance, and useful insight into critical business applications and opportunities.

FRY08002 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Experts Talk About Color Standards   ROOM Petrus 2 
Hear directly from color experts at leading organizations about the latest trends in color standards and how they might affect your business. This session will include an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions from the experts.

INK07001 THU 11:15-12:30 p.m.
Panel Discussion: Digital Label Printing, Today & Tomorrow   ROOM Lafite 1
EFI technical and business product experts, along with other industry leaders, will join a panel discussion on the market, technology and future of digital label printing. Bring any and all questions, and be prepared for lively conversation.

Inkjet Printer and Fiery Operator Sessions 

INK02003 WED 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Inkjet Application Update   ROOM Lafite 2
In this session, we will review the latest in substrate developments, including new materials recommended for EFI Wide Format and VUTEk printers, as well as  new and growing application areas.

INK06002 THU 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Doing More with Options   ROOM Lafite 2
A review of the performance enhancing options available for your EFI Wide  Format and VUTEk superwide inkjet printers, including heavy-duty unwinders, material edge guides (MEG) for corrugated printing, LED UV-curing technology and more.

INK03002 WED 11:15-12:30 p.m.
EFI Jetrion Pre-press: What's New   ROOM Lafite 2
In this session you will learn about the newest features and latest offerings in  prepress, including  Fiery XF, Label Designer, Jetrion 4900 series and more.

INK04003 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Press Maintenance: Daily Routine, Printhead Dos and Don'ts   ROOM Lafite 2
Regular press maintenance will keep your process up and running. Join this session to learn daily routine best practices, and how, when and why to use the print head maintenance kit.

INK05002 WED 3:00-4:15 p.m.
Pre-Press Hot Topics and Q&A   ROOM Lafite 2
Learn how to achieve better text quality through type handling options, barcodes and cut paths 101.

INK07002 THU 11:15-12:30 p.m.
Best Practices for Optimizing Your Digital Label Workflow   ROOM Lafite 2 
Many of the benefits of having a Jetrion digital label press are dependent upon  having a an efficient, optimized digital label workflow. In this session, you will  learn how:

  • To focus on color matching/color management
  • The vocabulary of the Jetrion workflow – what it does and doesn’t mean, and what can it do for you
  • To save time and repetitive steps by automating with XFlow/Fiery XF
  • To personalize your workflow software for your particular needs

FRY01002 TUE 3:15-4:45 p.m.
Produce Stunning Color with your Wide and Superwide Printing Equipment   ROOM Petrus 2 
A discussion on different color management strategies--from following industry standards to focusing on matching up production equipment. Learn hands on how to produce stunning color results on your EFI Wide Format or VUTEk superwide production inkjet printer. This session will include:

  • Best practice linearization for optimal gamut and minimum ink usage
  • Custom media profiling
  • Spot color matching with real life examples

FRY04002 WED 1:30-2:45 p.m.
Light the 5th Color: How to Handle Lighting Conditions and Backlit Applications   ROOM Petrus 2 
Get insight on how to profile and print on translucent material. Discuss state-of-the-art measurement metrics and see real life examples on how it’s done.  You also will learn how light sources will affect  printed results (non backlit) and how the Fiery XF Ambient Light feature enables superior matching under any lighting conditions.

FRY05002 WED 3:00-4:15 p.m.
Putting it all Together: Special Inks, Cut Patchs and Requirements   ROOM Petrus 2
Join seasoned EFI color and file experts to discuss how to handle special inks, like white and metallic. Learn best practices on file creation, how to handle these inks in the RIP and color management process and special substrates like metallic foils or clear material. Explore the possibilities and requirements for handling cut path creation and implementation in your workflow to support off and inline cutters. See and discuss actual problem files. This workshop will walk the attendees through file creation in prepress and file handling in Fiery proServer and Fiery XF without the Layout Option.

FRY09002 THU 3:00-4:15 p.m.
Maximize your Cutter/Router Investment with the Layout Option Powered by Esko   ROOM Petrus 2
Guest speakers from Esko will show you how to use all of the Layout Option's  advanced tools within the Fiery proServer or Fiery XF stand alone, including:

  • Creating automated cut pats
  • Editing cut paths quick and easy
  • Creating shape depending layouts
  • Optimizing for double sided printing
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