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Fiery Command WorkStation

Fiery® Command WorkStation® is the intuitive print job management interface for Fiery systems that allows you to manage all your printers locally or remotely from a single place. Download the latest version for free.

Productive. Powerful. Intuitive.


Fiery Command WorkStation Drop Zones

  1. New look and feel to the Fiery Command WorkStation® server list view
  2. Easy way of associating Server Presets and Virtual Printers while downloading the job onto the Fiery® server
  3. Enhanced view of the server list and server information such as consumables, toners, alerts and more

Fiery JobMaster with Bleed Edge Tabs

  1. Automatically applies bleed-edge tab settings to all pages in the chapter, incrementing the tab position for each successive chapter
Fiery CWS 5

Fiery Central Server Presets

  1. Server Presets are now available for Fiery Central printer groups
Fiery CWS 5

Fiery Remote Scan Auto Login

  1. Fiery Remote Scan remembers mailbox login name and password to enable Auto Login
Fiery CWS 5

Fiery Remote Scan Folder Mapping

  1. Users can create client folders that show Fiery mailbox contents
  2. Replaces former Fiery Bridge functionality on Windows
  3. Adds folder mapping functionality for Mac users
Fiery CWS 5

NOTE: Command WorkStation 5.5 is backward compatible with Fiery Systems 8 Release 2 and above.
To use Command WorkStation with Fiery Systems 6, 7, or 8, please download Command WorkStation 5.3.

How do I find which Fiery System and Fiery server version I have?

For installation or any additional system requirements, click here.

Learn how to get the most out of your Fiery server in a free online course on Fiery Command WorkStation.

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