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Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Fiery® Color Profiler Suite gives you intuitive, integrated color management tools that guarantee your color reproduction is always accurate, consistent and reliable.

You can easily download the demo version of Color Profiler Suite at no charge.

Amazing, Precise, Consistent Color

  • Lets you create, visualize and edit ICC color profiles with complete control.
  • Maximizes profits by reducing rework using in-house color profiling and verification tools.
  • Shortens the learning curve more than any color management technology with easy-to-use interface, fully integrated with all Fiery servers, and interactive online training courses.

What's New in:

Version 4.0   Version 4.1   Version 4.5   Version 4.6   Version 4.7 

Launch Fiery Color Profiler Suite Express Profiler

  1. To make a calibration setting and output profile, first launch Fiery® Color Profiler Suite and select the Express Profile module.

Select Your Fiery Server and Name the Calibration Set

  1. Select the Fiery server and enter a name for the new calibration setting and profile you are going to make. You can use this name later to create a preset or Virtual Printer.
Fiery CWS 5

Set Job Properties

  1. Set the job properties, including the image and media settings. Click “OK” to print calibration pages.
Fiery CWS 5

Create the Fiery Calibration Setting

  1. Measure the calibration pages with any supported spectrophotometer.
Fiery CWS 5

Create the Output Profile

  1. Measure the profile patches that automatically print after calibration. When the measurement is complete, Express Profiler immediately creates your new output profile — including the expert settings from the default factory profile on the Fiery server.
  2. With this simplified 5-step process, Express Profiler lets you create printer profiles faster and get back to producing profitable print jobs more quickly.
Fiery CWS 5