Jetrion 4000 Family of Printers

EFI Jetrion 4900ML

Until now, the production of labels - flexo or digital - meant the need for multiple production steps. Digital printing systems eliminated plates, make ready labor and substrate waste. But they still required converters to finish offline, adding steps to the process and creating waste. The EFI™ Jetrion® 4900ML UV Inkjet System changes the game. Go from a print file directly to a finished roll without interruption. Now that is efficient!

Efficient end-to-end digital label solution

  • The leanest way to produce labels: digital printing and digital finishing in a single pass.
  • Allows you to migrate inefficient, expensive jobs from your flexography presses to your more cost-effective digital press and to expand into short and medium run services.
  • Delivers the lowest cost per finished label: Eliminates plates, dies, changeovers, make-ready labor.
  • Additional cost savings through access to the world's largest UV inkjet ink manufactuerer, no costly click charges and no need for over and under laminates.
  • Increases your profits and customer satisfaction by printing your white jobs with brightness and opacity that rivals your flexo presses.
  • Lets you capitalize on easier access to UL PGJI2 recognition and pre-certification on select substrates.