Value Added Solutions

PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling

EFI PrintFlow® helps your company relieve bottlenecks, reduce waste, increase productivity, adjust to rapidly changing conditions and optimize your business operations.

PrintFlow is integrated to EFI Print MIS solutions to achieve seamless data flow across all parts of the printing operation. This capability extends users’ view of their entire business, making it easier to make more informed decisions, streamline operations and generate greater profits.

EFI PrintFlow also offers companies the following capabilities:

  • Identifies optimal job path. EFI PrintFlow’s automatically determines the optimal job path based on available equipment, current workload and the status of other job delivery schedules.
  • Offers real-time schedule status at a glance. The Gantt Chart shows all plant jobs in a single window and allows users to manipulate their job schedules. This feature also enables operators to create summaries, tasks, links and timelines.
  • Creates powerful what-if comparisons. The solution re-optimizes and re-synchronizes each time a proposed change is submitted and provides a new scenario with an impact analysis to see how jobs and customers are affected.
  • Finds weakest link and eliminates it. PrintFlow determines problem areas quickly, allowing users to manage production bottlenecks and control jobs more effectively.

By connecting your entire workflow, the EFI Print MIS Connected Workflow links every part of the print production flow chain to help your company optimize equipment use, increase capacity, improve throughput, raise on-time job delivery rates and reduce costs and waste.