Benefits of Working with EFI

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As an EFI customer, you are in good company. More than 12,000 printing and packaging companies rely on EFI technology to improve business performance.

By working with the foremost provider of business management software in the industry, you gain many benefits.  

Get the Maximum Value from Your Software Investment over its Entire Lifecycle

There are many benefits of working with the primary provider of software to an industry, but one of the most significant is that a leader has deep enough pockets to significantly invest in your solution throughout the entire duration of its lifecycle. Software companies typically invest 12-18% of revenue in R&D to continue to improve their products and add new ones to better serve customers. System software on average has a lifecycle of more than ten years, so over the life of your solution, the company standing behind it can be as important as the system itself. It can mean the difference between having a system that works for your company today, or having a system that works for your company today AND for the next ten to fifteen years.

Gain the Advantages of Being in Good Company

Working with the industry-leading MIS/ERP provider means that you are in good company. Thousands of companies like yours are running the same solution(s) you rely on every day in your business. Most of the enhancements made to products to keep them at the forefront, are a result of client input and the dedication of the solutions provider to that served market. It is often the industry-leading customers of a company who devote the most time to define the current best practices that need to be supported by a software system, so that it continues to help improve business operations for all clients over its lifecycle. Once those enhancements are added to the application, they can be leveraged by the entire customer community. In other words, everyone benefits from being part of the group -- whether you are an industry leader, just starting out, or somewhere in between.

Get New Technology in Your Application, Without Sacrificing Other Enhancements

A larger software partner will be able to put more emphasis on innovation, because they can afford to leverage the latest proven technology in their products while still investing in industry-driven functional enhancements to support the ongoing needs of customers in their served market(s). This ensures that the technology your company relies on will be able to meet the specific technology-related needs of your customers and employees, while still having the ability to adapt to changing industry requirements over the duration of your software system’s lifecycle.

Improve Additional Areas of Your Business

One of the greatest advantages of working with a top software company in your industry is the focus on helping customers improve new areas of their business. There will be more options at a software leader’s disposal to provide clients with the best solutions to fill new market demands. Leading software companies can choose to buy a solution to meet a new customer need, build a solution or partner with a company that offers that kind of solution. Often smaller companies only have the latter option available leaving customers to work with two or more vendors who may or may not be able to get their products to work together via integration. And if they can’t, it becomes an expensive and time consuming problem for the client, not the vendors.

Gain the Advantages of Working with a Single Source Provider

Working with a single source provider means that integration is done for you by one company responsible for getting all of your products (from them) to work together as promised. And as the authors of the systems they are integrating, they are best able to do so. Not only does this greatly reduce risk and potential cost to your company, it also allows you the ability to upgrade any or all of your systems, over time, without having to worry about the cost, complications or other possible disruption to your business that “re-integrating” software could cause.

Get All That You Pay For...

Upgrading your software systems is important to ensure you get the most value from your annual maintenance investment. Working with a market leader means you won’t have to choose between upgrading software applications to take advantage of new functionality vs. not upgrading due to integration concerns. If you reduce the number of software systems/vendors you work with to meet the needs of your organization, then you can get the most value from your investment. Companies working with a single vendor are most likely to choose a standard software release to support their organizational requirements, which means that they will be most likely, if they have multiple products in particular, to get the most value out of all of them.

Affordable World Class Support for Your System(s)

Everyone benefits when support costs for solutions are shared across a large and active community -- each company gets world class support from top-notch professionals at an affordable rate. When only a small number of people are using a solution, there is less resource to afford the best people, systems and coverage needed in today’s demanding environment. To get the most from your technology purchase, you will want to be part of a group where available and knowledgeable support experts -- people who know your business and speak your language, are able to assist your company with any product related questions and needs, when you require them. EFI has the team with the deep domain expertise to support you and business.

The Top Professionals in the Industry -- Working for You

A market leader is able to attract and retain the top talent in the industry. With extensive benefits, career opportunities and top training, you can expect and get the best for your investment when working with a leader like EFI. This allows for greater service to you, every day. You can expect greater resource continuity, less turnover on critical roles and the ability to quickly scale when required to meet your company’s needs.

Working with a Frontrunner has Additional Advantages

Software industry leaders have active, vibrant user communities that can help all participants learn the most effective ways to leverage the software to fullest advantage. They not only learn from the vendor, but more importantly, from other companies like theirs using the software. These communities also contribute to making the software applications better by providing collaborative input into how to constantly improve the solutions. By working with a leader, your system will receive the input needed from both the author and the user community, to keep it at the forefront.

The Benefits of Being an EFI customer

At EFI we understand that our customers expect the best, and in order to help you achieve optimal results for your business operations we offer a host of world class business improving solutions. The fully integrated solution suite that EFI offers to its clients can’t be obtained from any other single source provider in the industry. We invest heavily in R&D to provide a unique and fully integrated solution to our customers – one that helps you gain a competitive advantage from us, your partner.

Critical Mass Also Requires Complete Focus – for Maximum Benefit!

Although there are some other large MIS and ERP providers out there, they lack focus. They serve a myriad of industries from the vast vertical markets under discrete and process manufacturing, to hospitality, healthcare and more. This means that no one vertical for a particular solution is likely to get the attention a company like EFI can give it. It is both size and focus that contributes to the best solution in the industry for you. We appreciate your business and hope to provide you with solutions that will help you maximize your business profit for many years to come.


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