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Q: I am a current Alphagraph customer. Will my system continue to be supported?

A: Yes, EFI will continue to provide the same high-quality support to all customers using Alphagraph. EFI has historically supported MIS offerings long after they have no longer been sold. For example, PSI, Logic and Covalent are all legacy MIS applications that are still currently supported by EFI support and services. For Alphagraph customers, there is a current roadmap of releases with new functionality that will continue as planned and there will be on-going defect fixes as needed. In addition, EFI will provide a continuing development plan for Alphagraph platforms for existing customer for the foreseeable future. We are currently reviewing the overall timeline with existing Alphagraph teams on the long-term roadmap and development.

Q: What does this announcement mean for the future?

A: EFI will continue to provide the same high-quality, long term support that Alphagraph supplied. As an Alphagraph customer, this is an exciting time for you. You will have access to new platforms -- EFI PrintSmith, Pace, Monarch, or Radius -- at special pricing, if you choose. Customers who choose to remain on Alphagraph will continue to have access to service, support and maintenance. In addition, EFI will continue to provide new product releases for Alphagraph platforms for the foreseeable future.  

Q: Will development continue for Alphagraph products?

A: Yes. While the overall roadmap will be reviewed for future releases, our current plan is to deliver the existing roadmap containing new enhancements. These releases include customer feature requests and functionality. We will, of course, be honoring all the existing customer contractual commitments. Again, Alphagraph products will continue to be supported and defect resolution releases are planned for the foreseeable future. We will be hosting a series of customer webinars to discuss the future direction of Alphagraph, and we will be communicating details of these in the coming weeks.  

Q: Can I add modules to my existing deployment:

A: Yes, EFI will continue to fully support your existing deployment, including adding new modules and users. Please contact your account representative for details.  

Q: Will my support number stay the same?

A: Yes, please continue to use your existing support number for technical support on the Alphagraph product.  

Q: Will my sales rep stay the same? Who should I contact with questions?

A: EFI will continue to provide you a named account representative, and depending on where you are located, your representative may change. In the mean time, you can direct all inquiries to and we will ensure the new representative responds.  

Q: What should I do if I am currently implementing or upgrading an Alphagraph product?

A: Much of the answer depends on your unique situation. You have additional options now with EFI, and we are ready to meet with you to weigh those options. If you choose to move forward with the Alphagraph implementation, we will continue to support you in the process. If you select another EFI option, we will give you special consideration in the pricing and work with you to build an acceptable implementation timetable.  

Q: What will happen with the Alphagraph technology and team?

A: Alphagraph products will continue to be supported and enhanced for existing customers, but no longer be offered to new customers. EFI will also be completing pending customer obligations for Alphagraph. The Alphagraph product and team will become part of EFI’s Advanced Professional Print Software business (APPS). Karsten Thomas will be the Operations Manager, EFI Alphagraph. EFI will retain the same trusted support and service personnel you rely on today, with the added benefit of being able to leverage the existing EFI infrastructure and world-wide support network.

Q: How can I find out more about EFI?

A: EFI is publicly owned (Nasdaq: EFII) and has a very solid reputation in the printing industry. As one of the first steps with EFI, please visit our website – Also, we would like to extend an offer to come to one of our upcoming customer-focused webinars.  

Q: What is EFI PrintSmith?

A: EFI PrintSmith™ is a complete print shop management system that offers powerful estimating, point-of-sale, account management, production management, receivables and sales analysis tools. PrintSmith caters to growing operations with any combination of digital, offset and specialty printing. PrintSmith is a modular, scalable product line which offers solutions that fit varied business sizes and budgets – then grows as needed. PrintSmith features press production management tools, including labor rates and speed tables, for offset operations. Adopted worldwide, PrintSmith has helped thousands of organizations make informed decisions that enable them to grow successfully.

Q: What is EFI Pace?

A: EFI Pace™ is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, browser-based print management system for the printing and graphic arts industry. Pace is comprised of a complete suite of fully-integrated software modules for estimating, scheduling, production, accounting, CRM, and e-commerce. It uses an appliance model that allows for installation and training in significantly less time than required by other solutions. Pace’s advanced, secure system architecture is XML driven, ODBC-compliant, and allows browser-based access from Mac and PC platforms to better leverage emerging technologies that will define the digital workflow process.
Hundreds of printing companies run Pace to improve their processes, increase their profits and optimize their competitive capabilities.  

Q: What is Monarch?

A: EFI Monarch is a flexible, powerful, intelligent, and automated print production and management solution for large, single and multi-plant operations handling everything from the most basic jobs to the most complex projects. Highly scalable, Monarch offers a high degree of functionality and flexibility for the efficient management of all product and work types, including web, sheet, transactional, screen, direct mail, inkjet, digital, and flexographic. Monarch’s core system includes advanced job management, intelligent production planning, and JDF-certified integration with many of the industry’s top suppliers of pre-press, press and finishing equipment.

Q: What is EFI Radius?

A: The EFI Radius ERP solution offers packaging companies the comprehensive capabilities of a world class ERP system, while fitting the unique business processes of packaging operations producing labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and extruded materials. The solution’s comprehensive capabilities are able to address the needs of packaging companies with complex operating environments such as multi-site, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-product production processes.  

Q: Will there be a migration path for an existing Alphagraph customer to move to an EFI solution?

A: Yes, EFI services and support teams has already successfully migrated many clients to the EFI platforms from alternative solutions. For organizations that are looking for the packaging industry feature set that EFI PrintSmith, Pace, Monarch or Radius offers, EFI will provide a path for migrating your Alphagraph solution to an EFI solution that best fits your unique needs.  

Q: How much will it cost my company to move to EFI?

A: EFI will provide an attractive package to make a transition from Alphagraph to an EFI solution straightforward and effective. Please contact your account representative for details.


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