VUTEk H/QS Family of Printers


The EFI™ VUTEk® QS2 Pro is a robust, two-meter, production-level UV printer driven by the Orion OS software platform, combining true grayscale print quality, color accuracy and consistency with VUTEk production speeds.

Fine art and P-O-P image quality is delivered through six color plus three-layer white, true grayscale print head technology, and with optimized ink usage for a lower cost per print. The VUTEk QS2 Pro lets you take on more color critical and higher-premium jobs to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business.

The Image Quality you Need to Grow in a Faster VUTEk Production Engine

  • Delivers high image quality at production speeds with better ink utilization, lowering your cost per print.
  • Delivers color consistency and accuracy from print to print and job to job.
  • Enhances your ability to accommodate more versioning and localization.
  • Runs multiple jobs at once with multi-queue functionality at the user interface, eliminating the need to rip larger layout files.
  • Offers a wide color gamut with flexible UV inks to ensure maximum reliability and performance with your VUTEk system.
  • Integrates seamlessly to EFI Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP solutions via native JDF connectivity to optimize production efficiencies and profit potential.