eCommerce Web-to-Print Software


Grow your Customer Base with Personalized Communication Capabilities!

Integrate variable data printing (VDP) services via the Web to expand your customer base and extend your value-add services. The optional VDP Products: FusionPro® Module lets you offer personalised marketing campaign services such as stationary and customised sales kits - driving more customers and revenue to your business.

Harness your New VDP Functionality on Digital StoreFront and Profit Fast

The VDP Products: FusionPro Module comes with three components:

  • FusionPro Designer (template design)
  • FusionPro Composition (built into Digital StoreFront)
  • FusionPro VDP Creator (desktop merge)

With this option, you have FusionPro Designer which makes template design easily via a plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat® and can publish these VDP products to Digital StoreFront where your customers fill in Web form data, or upload delimited files (e.g., CSVs) to create either versioned or personalised print products.

After entering the variable information online, your customers can preview the versioned or personalised products before ordering, dramatically reducing errors and saving the customers and business owners’ precious time. You also can then combine the data and the template to create a VDP print stream in either PDF or other variable information print streams from FusionPro Desktop such as PPML, VPS, VIPP, or VDX to produce effective, one-to-one marketing materials in real time.