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Offer Customized & Personalized Materials via XMPie!

The industry-leading XMPie® personalization Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology provides powerful document customization functionality. Customers typeset, proof and approve their own XMPie items on the Web, which are then delivered to your shop as print-ready PDFs. From simple items like business cards to sophisticated direct mail campaigns, XMPie does it all!

Grow your Business and Receive a High Return on Investment

The VDP Products: XMPie Module comes with the following components:

  • uDirect Designer (template design)
  • XMPie Composition (built into Digital StoreFront)
  • uDirect Standard (desktop merge)
  • Configurable production merge capabilities

With this option, you have XMPie’s uDirect Designer to do template design easily via a plug-in to Adobe® InDesign® and can publish these VDP products to Digital StoreFront where your customers fill in Web form data, or upload delimited files (e.g., CSVs) to create either versioned or personalized print products.

After entering the variable information online, your customers can preview the versioned or personalized products before ordering, dramatically reducing errors and saving the customers and business owners’ precious time. You also can then combine the data and the template to create a VDP print stream in print PDF or other variable information print streams from XMPie such as PPML, VPS, VIPP, or VDX to produce effective, one-to-one marketing materials in real time.