Fiery® Servers and Software for Production and Proofing

    Fiery® Wide Format Products offer a scalable product line for contract proofing, production print and photography from entry level to highest end. Additionally, remote print and proof distribution and proof/print verification complement the award winning RIP solutions and help to optimize your workflow. 

    • Fiery proServer Version 6 for VUTEk has been released. This new release features the Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP), EFI’s own acceleration technology, which processes PDF files up to seven times faster than before. More info can be found in the Release notes.
    • Fiery XF Version 6 has been released. This new major release sports new powerful features like the real WYSIWYG tiling preview, the new Fiery Dynamic Smoothing function or the Fogra ProcessStandard Digital support. More info can be found in the Release Note.
    • Fiery XF Verion 5.2.2 has been released. More info can be found in the Release Note.
    • Fiery eXpress 4.5.4 is now available via the integrated software updater. This version includes support for 7 new printers - including halttone drivers for the Epson SureColor SC-S306x0 and SC-S506x0. All X-Rite and EFI measurement devices make use of X-Rite´s XRGA standard. 
    • Fiery XF Version 5 has been released. This major new version sports more than 180 enhancements and over 50 new supported printer drivers. With this release, the former Colorproof XF was renamed to "Fiery XF Proofing" and Fiery XF is now called "Fiery XF Production".  
    • Learn more about the new Layout Option and Softproof Option that greatly enhance Fiery XF´s capabilities with advanced Nesting and Cutting or Softproofing features to substantially reduce costs. You can optain a 30 Day demo license for the Layout Option here.  




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