Fiery eXpress for Photo & Proofing

    Choose a Productive, Affordable and Accurate Photo and Proofing to Go Solution, now including Certification

    Fiery eXpress for Photo, Fiery eXpress for Proofing, Fiery eXpress for Proofing Advanced and Fiery eXpress CTP help you print to win against your competition with industry standard solutions for generating high quality contract proofs, photos and validation prints fast, easy and affordably. The intuitive solutions cater to photographers, creative directors, marketing agencies, print buyers and designers who need to maximize their budgets, produce accurate final printouts and deliver amazing color on every print.

    Fiery eXpress for Photo 4.5

    The easy-to-setup and use Fiery eXpress delivers high-quality color for your photo production, while letting photographers, like you, concentrate on their creative work. Check out a few of the key benefits this software RIP gives you:

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    Saves you time and dramatically decreases mistakes.
    • The solution automatically configures photos, collections (single- and multi-image templates) and contact sheets. It also processes routine tasks faster due to features such as color and printing presets, so you can do other things to grow your profits.
    Makes you more productive.
    • eXpress for Photo comes with simple production tools for cropping, rotating and crop mark support to help you generate more work.
    Lowers your operating costs and supports less experienced users.
    • It improves media utilization and lessens waste through automation. This intuitive solution also comes with no learning curve, so even your beginners can use it right away.

    Fiery eXpress for Proofing 4.5

    Fiery eXpress for Proofing is a high quality validation print and contract proofing solution that is simple to use and includes eXpress for Photo functions to produce brilliant images. If you are a creative director, print buyers or designer, check out the benefits that this solution brings to your business:

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    Produces accurate spot color.
    • This simple solution produces optimal spot color simulations with its one-click spot color customization technique. It also comes with PANTONE, DIC, HKS and Toyo spot color libraries to give you the most color choices.
    Is Easy to Use.
    • You don't need to be a technology or color expert to use eXpress for Proofing. The solution's wizards make licensing, registration and setup fast and easy. It also works with all industry standard photography, proofing and production software, lessening your learning curve. eXpress also eliminates redundant manual tasks by automating color and printing presets for photos, production, business graphics and more.
    Comes with Native PDF support.
    • It comes with support for the popular Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 and the Adobe PostScript 3 Engine to ensure that all PDF, PS and EPS files are RIPped correctly to achieve predictable print results.
    Gives you Ready-to-Use Professional Tools Out-of-the-box.
    • eXpress Proofing saves you precious set up time and money because it comes with many standard proofing tools that can be used immediately such as the latest Ugra/Fogra (v2.2 & v3.0) and IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2009 media wedges, relevant creative and proofing file formats, color presets and spot color simulations.

    Fiery eXpress for Proofing Advanced 4.5

    Fiery eXpress for Proofing Advanced adds a sophisticated Certification and Job based Optimization to the eXpress for Proofing´s feature set and offers even more color control. Check out a few of the key benefits this solution offers to you:

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    Integrates a Wizard based Certification.
    • The integrated Certification routine is based on Fogra and IDEAlliance standards for precise output control in conjunction with stripe measurements with the EFI ES-1000 or Xrite i1 Pro spectrophotometer. When used with the integrated measurement devices in Epson´s SpectroProofer or HP´s Z-Series, Fiery eXpress for Proofing Advanced offers a fully automatic proof generation and certification - including the printed label on the final proof.
    Offers a Job based Optimization.
    • Thanks to the Job-based Optimization feature, sub-optimal paper profiles can be adjusted to meet industry standards or individual quality requirements.

    Fiery eXpress CTP 4.1

    Creating artwork on printing plates has never been easier, more profitable or more environmentally firendly than with Fiery eXpress CTP. Use eXpress CTP with a supported printer to create printing plates and professional color proofs from one application. Plates can be created automatically or manually in essentially the same way as when printing conventional jobs. If you are running a printing company with one or two color sheetfed printing machines, check out the benefits that this solution brings to your business:

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    Create high-quality Printing Plates from an Inkjet Printer.
    • Fiery eXpress CTP offers a high-quality AM (halftone) screening of up to 175dpi for traditional one or two color sheetfed offset printing machines. The plates can be created in daylight conditions without the need for a dedicated darkroom and can optionally be cured just by heat. This sophisticated solution offers a clean, process-free, chemical-free and environmentally friendly approach.
    Use the printer and RIP for two setups.
    • Use eXpress CTP and the supported printer to create both, high-quality printing plates and stunning contract proofs or validation prints. This minimizes your investment and keeps you fully flexible.

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