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Multiple Subnets

Secure printing across Wi-Fi networks

PrintMe Mobile offers two ways to manage multiple wireless subnets inside the firewall. The first is PrintMe Mobile Link, a free software download installed on the customer's own hardware. The other option is the PrintMe Mobile L100 appliance.

PMM L100 Install Diagram

When PrintMe Mobile Link or the L100 appliance is placed on a wireless subnet and used in conjunction with PrintMe Mobile, available printers are broadcasted to mobile devices on that wireless subnet, allowing them to print to any networked printer.

The L100 appliance can also operate as a secure agent by publishing a list of administrator-selected printers on the corporate network, to a network outside the corporate firewall over HTTPS. This enables secure Wi-Fi printing for employees who bring their own devices (BYOD), field sales people and visitors.

PMM L100 PMM L100

PrintMe Mobile L100 Datasheet

PrintMe Mobile L100 Quick Start Guide

Installation of the L100 appliance is simple. Just plug it in, attach it to the network and configure the device through the PrintMe Mobile administrative dashboard. It couldn't be easier!

…if your central PrintMe Mobile server is on a different subnet than the Wi-Fi network hosting your mobile users, then you'll need to install an additional piece, called PrintMe Mobile Link, on a Windows box on that subnet.

~ InfoWorld