As part of our commitment to high customer satisfaction, EFI Services provides prepress and graphics businesses, dealers and consultants, like you, several standard and custom professional services, training, and certification options. We also provide you with a free resource center with valuable hints on color management to help you and your customers grow your businesses.

    Description of EFI Services

    • MIS/ERP & Web-to-Print Professional Services increases your return on investment by offering standard and customized courses on deploying and operating EFI technology. It also provides optimization, implementation and customization and reporting classes to get more from your EFI Print Management Systems.
    • Fiery Educational Services  offer a variety of options from a la carte eLearning courses to Fiery certification programs to meet your specific training needs. Suitable for new and existing Fiery users, these options are designed to teach the necessary skills to increase productivity and maximize the performance of your Fiery products and software options. Whether you are looking to build up your knowledge in Fiery technology or enhance your current level of proficiency, you can choose from:
    • Fiery Advantage Solutions and Training - Service and support play a critical role in your print operations. The Fiery Advantage Solutions and Training Program (FAST) is designed to give you an edge over the competition by helping you maximize your Fiery controller to boost your productivity and color quality. The plan ensures targeted response and resolution times on technical support issues as well as multiple resources to make sure your Fiery is running at top speed and producing the color results your customers expect.
    • Fiery Implementations Services  ensure a smooth product installation and end user training for EFI MicroPress® or Fiery Central products. Our experts perform a complete implementation checklist designed to walk customers through the pre-installation, implementation, workflow, and post-implementation requirements that include a live hand off to make sure end users are prepared to perform their daily tasks.
    • Fiery Wide Format Services  include the EFI-Fogra DigitalPrint Expert (DPE) Programme and the Fiery Wide Format Knowledge Center. The DPE is a certification that ensures that specialist dealers and consultants can set up standardized systems using Fiery XF or Colorproof™ XF to produce fogra•cert compliant proofs, validation prints and prints according to the Fogra ProcessStandard Digital, guaranteeing high quality and reliability. The Fiery Wide Format Knowledge Center is a valuable resource for information on best practices and tips for Fiery XF and Colorproof XF.

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